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Crystal Myst Natural Deodorant

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Crystal Myst Pure & Natural Deoderant ~  2oz

~Propylene glycol & Aluminum free~
Ingredients: Lavender (lavandula augustifolia) pure essential oil,  purified water, & Potassium alum.

Take care of your underarms.  They are the home of our lymph nodes & are connected to our thymus gland.  Don’t clog your pores by using deoderant sticks that leave a film. Use Crystal Myst Pure & Natural deoderant.  It really works and allows your body to breath naturally & release toxins.  Clogging pores under your arms can result in cysts & other serious symptoms.

Our Natural Deoderant is safe to use, as the molecules have a negative ionic charge that makes it unable to pass through the cell wall.  Natural Deoderant is environmentally friendly safe to use daily as there are no chemical propellants.