Our minimalist belief

Here at Naturally Canada, our eco-brand fashion focus is on quality, minimalist pieces made from natural fibers sourced in fair-trade conditions. We carry clothing made from high quality wool, cashmere, organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, linen, and recycled materials/blends. 
After discovering how harmful ‘fast fashion’ is to our environment, we immediately realized the need to encourage slow fashion; a wardrobe of great quality, comfortable, yet stylish pieces that will last a lifetime rather than a closet full of synthetic materials that will end up in landfills after a short life span. Today, we offer Canadian made, low-impact, and consciously sourced pieces for women and men. 
We support small batch manufacturers across Canada. If you're a sustainable clothing/accessory, designer/maker and would like us to include your creations on our platform or to collaborate with us, please contact: style@naturallycanada.com
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