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    Bassir Sobhani from Stillwater Lake used to have three retail stores in the Halifax/Bedford area, but a little more than ten year ago his desire to go into blending tea persuaded him to give them up to focus full time on Tea Range, a budding business operating throughout Canada, the United States and Euro

    Bassir formed Baku Ent. Ltd., developed many formulas to blend his tea products from all natural flavours obtained from a German firm and dried berries from Nova Scotia.  His products include the finest black and green tea leaves from a Tea Plantation in Sri Lanka that has an excellent program of sustainability for its community and especially for the plantation workers.  This particular plantation was the first to respond to the Global Compact initiated by the United Nations during then Secretary-General, Kofi Annan and committed to the principles of human rights, labour, environment and corruption.  He takes his formulas to this plantation where he personally selects the tea leaves and works with the growers to produce a treat for tea lovers.  “I know the right people who deal with high quality teas … teas that are not easy to come by,” said Bassir.  He compares his growing and purchasing methods
    similar to the Fair Trade system, whereby tea growers are paid a fair price for their product.

    All of Bassir’s blending formulas are taste tested by himself in Sri Lanka before being prepared and packaged for sale.  Baku Enterprises, Ltd. also provide Private Labeling services and special ordering of bulk teas.

    Some of the new blends being worked on include blueberry, strawberry and cranberry blends that are all rich in anti-oxidants.  Tea Range’s black tea bags of Masala Chai can be opened to reveal the actual spices used in the blending.  Bassir likes to point out the benefits of drinking green tea some of which he says include reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke, anti-aging, weight loss, arthritis, lowering cholesterol and preventing obesity, and helping to prevent high blood pressure. Bassir quotes Clair Williamson of the British Nutrition Foundation who says “In terms of fluid intake, we recommend 1.5-2 litres per day and that can include tea. 

    "Tea is not dehydrating.  It is a healthy drink.”
    Bassir’s Tea Range products are all price competitive, giving consumers an economical way to start their day and get a head start on healthy living.