Our Story

Welcome to Naturally Canada Emporium, humans providing humans with everything clean, natural and planet-friendly. We have many missions; but one that is perched by our heart is the focus and future of slow fashion.
There is unnecessary strain and destruction of our earth, through the processes involved in what we consider the norm, fast fashion. That is certainly avoidable if we make slow fashion the centrepiece of our future. The answer is very easy, as it usually is when it comes to natural living; within nature lies the cure for humanity.
Through sustainable textiles and ethical practices in creating clothing, we can mend the beastly mess that has been created, and see beauty again in more ways than one.
Nature ever provides, and the answers nature gives us are often better than the alternative; natural fabrics are healthier for you and feel better on your skin, they flow more beautifully; and thats just the vanity of natural fabrics. When you start to compare the benefits of using natural fabrics in tandem with our earth, its a passage to peace and resurrection.

Whether it be clothing, or not; our priority is to provide our loyal customers with access to sustainable products.
We didn’t start out carrying products. We started out doing research, and trying to find the best products, for us to personally, make a difference.
We came to the realization, that finding sustainable products, was not easy! And having to order from many different places to be the best sustainable version of ourselves, was not convenient. Quite frankly, sustainability shouldn’t be hard; it benefits everyone, and should really have been made priority a long time ago.

It's simple, we use these products ourselves; we're doing the research for you and adjusting our lifestyles and the inventory accordingly. New research, means rotating products and as our inventory gets larger, we will work towards making our footprint smaller. 
Read more about how we are doing this (one carbon footprint at a time) on The Movement page

So we’re aiming to solve this problem.
We’re sharing our research, joining forces with the best in the biz of sustainability. Creating a space where its not only more convenient to find the sustainable versions of what you need, but also a space to find creative sustainable solutions to everyday problems.
If the earth had a GoFundMe page, and a Pinterest page, what would it say? Thats our goal here at Naturally Canada. A voice for the earth.

The health of the earth is our main focus, but not our only focus; we are also committed to helping small businesses, and supporting local artisans. We are providing mostly Canadian brands, but also supporting global brands that are really making a difference for the planet. We don’t know exactly what the future holds, but we will continue to give people the means to be sustainable, and ensure whatever the future brings, our contribution to it will be an honest, happy, and healthy one.

At Naturally Canada there is absolutely NO greenwashing, this really should be our tagline; but we went with something a little different: earth healthy; we’re in this together.
Read more about our tagline: here.
Read the story behind our logo: here.



Kimberley Milette 



Kimberley Lisa Milette is the Founder of  naturallycanada and Co-Creator of eco.spirit.emporium Inc. Kim's attraction to clothing/textiles, in general, began quite some time ago, slowly developing into a love of fashion - not all fashion and not all fabrics. One of her greatest pleasures is to encourage women and men to take a chance and wear something different, in more natural, earth healthy choices. The discipline of many years of classical ballet has resulted in a solid work ethic. Her innate, creative drive extends itself into all areas of life, including interior and exterior spaces, with gardening being a love. Kim has a constant stream of ideas, which she willingly shares with others in her desire to see benefits for all and as she prefers to call it "imagineering"...


Viena Jayde Ålander


Viena Jayde, Co-Creator of the new Naturally Canada Emporium, is a visionary in sustainability; always coming up with ways to lessen her carbon impact, as well as supporting environmental causes.
As a maker, she is continually upcycling unwanted things into peculiar creations.
She has a soft spot in her soul for broken items; a favourite of hers is a broken bird statue with a golden crown, and a pottery mug with a broken handle. 
She has a mild obsession, and wild collection of rocks; her (reusable) bag is often a plethora of these finds.
She is a logophile; simply, a lover of words.


Greg Conyngham


Greg originally practised architecture and design in Massachusetts before forming Integrated CADD Services that combined his love of design with his passion for architectural technologies such as 3D modelling, rendering and visualization. For almost 25 years ICS has provided sales and training in these technologies and since 1997 has operated an online store, CAD Garage, that sells these technologies from sources in 10 different countries to the US market. At Naturally Canada Greg will bring the above knowledge and experience in implementing a Marketing strategy as well as technological implementation of the web store.