Kim's Emporium

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The Evolution of Kim's Emporium

Kimberley established Kim's Emporium in the Fall of 2014, while working as a Stylist and Personal Shopper within the eco-brand and vintage fashion industry. She discovered her love for curated vintage clothing and accessories, and to this day, is passionate about blending a timeless look...or as Kim calls it, "imagineering". This involves bringing together beautiful vintage pieces and new minimalist eco-trends to produce gorgeous low-impact outfits.

Today Kim's Emporium can also help you with your existing wardrobe to update and enhance what you already have in your closet. Sometimes it's a simple matter of adding just a few seasonal slow fashion pieces that will "jazz up" what you already own. With years of experience Kimberley and her team are ready to help you with any occasion, transition, or revision when it comes to creating your perfectly sustainable look.

Kim has a natural ability to put together and personalize pieces of clothing that others may not consider, as a result of many years in the industry. Building on your existing wardrobe, she will add pieces of quality with timeless appeal and work with you and your budget to create your own unique, personal style.

Kim has done this for me over the years, she has an eye for detail and is clearly passionate about the process. It works!

Woman's styling outfit with a grey sweater, cream coat, leather pants, black bag and shoes
A shopping bag
Women's clothes, cream coloured sweaters
The back of a dress, laced up