The Process

A woman booking a style consultation on her computer
1. Initial Consultation
Book a call with us today to determine your style needs. You will be prompted with a few quick questions upon scheduling your 30 min consultation. This will help us to prepare for our call where we will dive into your fashion likes, dislikes, and of course your budget!
During our call we will also ask that you email us photos of yourself so that we can get a visual on your hair colour, skin tone, etc.
The initial consultation fee is $125.00 +hst
2. Styling Quote
Based on your styling needs we will put together a quote for our services which will be emailed back to you. After the initial consultation, we offer our services at $40/hour. Please note that this does not cover the cost of any clothing or accessories.
3. Our Stylists Will Put Together...
When satisfied with the quote, our stylist will create a mood board containing style inspiration images to ensure that we are envisioning your dream look(s). This will help us to source some amazing pieces that ring true with you.
4. Pulling Together Your Chosen Looks and Creating...
Based on the images in the mood board that resonates with you, we will begin to bring together your look(s) and create a capsule wardrobe. This may include a mixture of items you already own, vintage pieces, and new garments from high quality eco-brands.
Your capsule wardrobe will also include the prices of these pieces so you have an idea of the price point – this will be within your budget. We allow for a maximum of 2 revision requests before the styling fees become higher than what was indicated in the quote.
5. Payment and Shipment
Our hassle-free service allows you to give the go ahead and we will have the pieces purchased and shipped to you once you provide your shipping info and payment. For payment, invoices are emailed along-side a link to Stripe – a secure and well-established credit card payment system.
For further information please contact: