Hemp Can Purify Our Air

Hemp Can Purify Our Air | Naturally Canada

WRITTEN BY: Ken Arp - Effort's Eco-Essentials

Our planet needs help. Climate change and air pollution are hot topics worldwide. As we all (hopefully) strive to have a more eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle we need to find more ways to clean up the environment. The hemp plant is being touted as a wonder plant that can have many positive effects for our earth. This versatile plant has many uses and many environmental benefits from simply growing it. One such benefit is that hemp can purify the air and reduce greenhouse gases. Let’s have a look at how.

1. Hemp Produces Oxygen

Hemp plants produce a lot of oxygen because of the abundance of leaves and quick growth. It is claimed that one acre of hemp can produce as much oxygen as 25 acres of forest!

2. Hemp Absorbs Carbon Dioxide

Carbon emissions are one of the main reasons for global warming. Hemp acts as a filter collecting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere leaving the air we breathe much cleaner. In fact, hemp absorbs more carbon dioxide than any other crop!

3. Hemp Can Save The Trees

Hemp plants can grow to maturity in 100 days whereas it can take years and years for a tree to. Hemp absorbs carbon much more efficiently than trees. We need more trees to protect all our eco-systems. Without trees, human life could not exist. Hemp can thrive in almost any growing condition, requires little water and can be grown without pesticides and fertilizers further reducing the effects of climate change. Products made from hemp fiber can also replace any made by timber.

If you are making an effort to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, try switching to products made from hemp. If we use more hemp, they will grow more hemp. This would have a significant effect on our planet.

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