I Tried Out Nourished Magnesium for a Specific Ailment

I Tried Out Nourished Magnesium for a Specific Ailment | Naturally Canada

I normally wouldn’t write a review this early..but woah.

Everyone carries stress somewhere. I had no idea that stress could manifest itself in so many different ways.
It wasn’t until I had this awful pain in my shoulder, that kept coming back - despite my never really doing anything - that I started to question what its real cause was. And then I noticed a pattern.
It only ever seemed to flair up when I was under stress, and once it started, it took ages to calm down. The only relief I ever got was from acupuncture, which quite frankly, started to add up, and my wallet was starting to feel the stress too.
When I started researching more about topical magnesium, I didn’t even put two and two together right away. I wanted to try the product based on the fact that the majority of Canadians were magnesium deficient, and I didn’t want to be one of them.

When the bottle arrived, I laid down (somewhat awkwardly) on my bed, and I started rubbing it on my abdomen, as directed. In this awkward position I was reminded of the incessant pain in my shoulder, and decided that I would apply the cream there instead.
Well holy mackerel.
It has been just under a week, and the pain is basically gone. I have never had relief like this without physical intervention with acupuncture needles, and to be able to get relief like that in a jar, to me, is nothing short of a miracle.

I would never write a review this early.
One week to try a product? Definitely doesn’t seem like enough time to write an honest review, but yet here I am, proven wrong by a beautiful amber jar sitting on my nightstand.

You really can’t go wrong with trying a topical magnesium! At the very least, you will be providing your body with the magnesium it needs, and can’t produce itself, but at the very most you may just have found yourself some side-effect-free pain-relief. Thats a mouthful.

Oh, and did I mention the product smells phenomenal!
Although it is available in Unscented, the Lavender one had a calming and not overpowering, natural lavender scent; which all-in-all, helped to calm my nerves, and definitely added to the tranquil experience.

The one I used is pictured in the photo, and you can find the product here.
If you are interested in reading more about magnesium, you can read our previous blog (the inspiration for me to try out topical magnesium) here.

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