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Dragon & Passion Fruit Seed Facial Serum

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Dragon fruit seed oil is rich in vitamin C
Collagen boosting & Skin lightening Contains betacyanins & betaxanthins (potent antioxidant)
Unsaturated fatty acid
Omega 3, 6, fatty acids


Fresh Passion fruit seed oil cold pressed exudes the most powerful true passion fruit aroma .
Passion fruit seed oil has a beautiful fruity aroma, & yellow hue, high in antioxidants linoelic.& oleic
Light texture, absorbs quickly , non oily
Omega 3, 6, fatty acids. Soothes dry patched and irritated skin.
How to use:
Apply to freshly cleansed skin & hands.
Mix with a small amount of your favourite toner.
Apply to warm freshly cleansed skin in upwards strokes as you would with lotion.