Our Tagline

Earth healthy; because we’re in this together.
Where did the idea for our new tagline come from?

For the first time ever, people are actually starting to realize that we are, in fact, all in this together. Globally, the world over, every one is dealing with Covid-19, every one is talking about the same thing. And as much as we don’t want to hinge on that, it’s a point that people are getting this sense now, that you can’t just consume your way to solutions. 

Worldwide, we’re standing together, because the solution to Covid is not something you can buy, and the solution to sustainability is not something you can buy either. Standing together and supporting one another is a big piece to this puzzle, while we search for creative solutions. 

All this mentality is now. 

And the funny thing, through all this turmoil, the world is finally being given the opportunity to replenish itself! And it is! It’s really phenomenal; but it’s only going to last so long until things go back to normal, or at least the new ‘normal.’ So obviously we need solutions now, to encourage and continue the health of the earth.

Our tagline incorporates our sense of community around the website as well. We want this to become an interactive space, and this builds on that. 

Like-minded people coming together to make the earth healthy again, and hopefully our presence in this world, in this market, will allow this group of like-minded people to grow. 


This is our buzzword. A new term to describe sustainability in a way that is fresh, and not going to be lost on labels or articles like “eco-friendly”, or “organic.” 

earth healthy. Two beautiful words, put together to mean something even more beautiful than the words alone. 

because we are in this together. Because we are.