Memoir of a Logo

Trees are a big deal. If you've read our article "Can We Plant a Tree for You?" You already know how much we love trees, so naturally, our logo had to begin with one of the most important symbols of sustainability.

Living naturally in harmony with the circle of life; going back to our roots when we lived by the cycle of the sun and the moon, as nature intended.
This is what we each work towards, not only as a growing market, but also personally, in our every day lives.
We have tried to best illustrate this in our logo. 

The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning representing wholeness & cyclic movement. This symbol of the cycle continues through our representation of the four elements:

Fire; energy, warmth, passion from inspiration; is represented through the sun, which we have displayed as an eclipse; a symbolic portal for exponential growth and a time of change

The movement in the branches & flyaway leaves, represent the wind; the power of spirit in sustaining life & holding it together

For the water element, a symbol of purity, honesty; a droplet falling off the tip of a leaf to join the earth below

We have the roots which dig deep & spread into the earth; nourishing and providing groundedness & potential

The branches, reach up into the sky, accepting energy from the sun & moon, completing the circle in which we began. 


We are each, and we are all these elements, and we need to strive to do the best for ourselves; the best for our earth; because we're all in this together.