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Pink Clay Mask

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Pink Clay is considered to be one of the mild varieties of clay, it works well for normal, sensitive & mature skin types.

Its unique composition includes Kaolinite,  Iron, Illite,  Montmorillonite and Calcite.

Pink Clay can be used to cleanse and detoxify the skin, removes dead skin cells and creates and overall refreshed appearance.

Beneficial for detoxifying body mask.

Oatmeal calms itchy skin. It is a natural skin cleanser while gently it removes dead skin cells from the surface of

the skin.  A rich source of vitamin E anti-inflammatory.


Add 1 tbsp clay with 3 tsp water in hand to create a paste.  Apply to clean skin in small circular motion.   Leave for about 10-20

minutes and wash off with warm water. Caution should be exercised as PINK clay may stain fabric.

Pink clays are mild clays best suited for  dry and sensitive skin types.

They control acne without drying or irritating skin. Facial Clay Masks are part of a complete skin care

regime and should be included at least twice a week in your daily skin care regime. Clays are naturally occurring substances

containing minerals, trace elements and nutrients. Its slight grainy texture exfoliates dead skin cells from the surface layer of your

skin, while the nutrients contained in the clay have a toning and firming effect on the skin.  By adding plant hydrosols, the natural

benefits of the different facial/body clay can be further enhanced.

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