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Woodland Pixie spirit spray

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Envoke your woodland spirit in your office, car, or at home.

Woodland Pixie: Essential oils:  Cedarwood (cedrus atlantica), Pine (pinus sylvestris), Black spruce (picea mariana), cypress (cupressus sempervirens), Ginger (zingiber officinale), Lavender (lavandula augustifolia), Geranium (pelargonium graveolens), Juniper (juniperus communis), Grain alchohol, Distilled H2O aqua/water.

Aromatic Natural Mist Sprays:

  • Light aromatic mists are ideal for use in rooms & on your body.
  • No diffuser needed simply spray into the air and refresh your senses.
  • Since there is no heat added to the essential oils, they retain their freshness and the aromatic intergrity.
  • Ideal for purifying cleansing your living spaces.
  • In the Office – Encourage an energy boost, improve mood, comprehension, memory, attitude, patience.
  • At Home – Prevent cold and flu contamination from virus’s. Neutralizes airborne bacteria naturally. Refresh & energize. Clear away negative energies.
  • Bathroom – Eliminate & disinfect odours.
  • Yogic & meditative spaces – Purify and uplift your yogic atmosphere, & invigorate deep rhythmic breathing.
  • In the Car –

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