A Climate Friendly Cart?

A Climate Friendly Cart? | Naturally Canada

YES! You read that right, a climate-friendly shopping cart at naturallycanada.com.
Starting today, you can have the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint when you make a purchase to help combat climate change!
Online shopping is the way of the future, and it definitely has its advantages, but we still run into the little problem of our footprint.

We’ve partnered with our friends over at CarbonClick, to help provide a solution to this very real, very current, and very problematic, problem.
More than ever, we are more aware of our environmental impact, and the awareness is growing. Here at Naturally Canada Emporium, we are growing too, learning from our mistakes and making adjustments as we go. We wanted to provide something a little bit more interactive, and more personal to our customers, and CarbonClick had the answer.
Our new addition to our shopping cart, allows you to customize your contribution, choosing your offsetting project. The carbon offsets are of the highest standard, and only support projects that provide full traceability.

Customers who include a carbon offset in their purchase will receive a confirmation email with a unique traceability link with the full details of their contribution, including the projects it supported.

naturallycanada.com does not collect rewards, we have made the decision for our rewards to automatically be converted to a donation for additional tree-planting.

The ability to offset the carbon footprint of your purchase, is truly revolutionary and brings us all one step closer to fighting climate change. One carbon foot(step) at a time.

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