The Tabu of Treasure Hunting

The Tabu of Treasure Hunting | Naturally Canada
Shopping second-hand is no longer tabu.
Feel better about your purchases.

Vintage shopping or second-hand treasure hunting is, you guessed it, eco-friendly. Since vintage clothing does not consume any further resources, you’re effectively reducing chemical pollution and water waste that come along with the production of new clothing, when you purchase second hand. You are also lessening the load on landfills, by purchasing pieces that would be otherwise wasted if you indulged in fast fashion. That's a one-two punch.
Reduce the demand for fast fashion; we all need to slow down, and appreciate the flowers, and fibres.

There are all of these incredibly beautiful pieces coming out of the woodwork, as vintage shopping is becoming an elite evolution of treasure hunting.

Until a few years ago, clothing was MADE to be long-lasting, made from quality materials. Vintage pieces that have lasted, will continue to last and likely outlive newly made polluting clothing that we are wasting our money on today.

Vintage shopping is no longer too sacred for ordinary people.
Why purchase 1 of 15 of the same dresses on a rack?
Why purchase that top that is in the display window of the department store, that thousands of people will walk by, and thousands of people will own?

Find a piece that represents you, that is as unique as you are. Leave the fast fashion to the chumps, and glow with knowledge of a better tomorrow, in a piece that will last longer than that.

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