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Native Drums

Drums are hand-made by native Alfred Carter. Two styles of drums available; Native and Wiccan.

Please see descriptions below...

About Me:
My paternal grandmother was full blood Migmaw, living on rez in the Annapolis Valley area. I took no real interest in my roots until mid life. 
One day I went to meet a lady for a date, and it turned out that she was a native elder. We formed a friendship, and as a woodworker I soon discovered that she was in need of a drum.
I researched, asked many questions, and  prayerfully proceeded with drum making.
To this time I have built or assisted and taught the making of hundreds of drums. 
Also three large group drums. 
The drum,  made of living materials is considered a living thing (once it has a voice).  It is means of communication with others, nature, your own soul, and most importantly: with our creator.
The materials in the Native drum:
Steer rawhide (drum face and lacing)
Spruce wood
Coffee/vegetables oil stain
Made in the smoke of sacred Sage
Made in four directions
Comes with sage used as the drum was born
And a small eagle feather
The materials in the Wiccan drum:
Steer rawhide (drum face and lacing)
Iron (steel) center ring
Small amount of sinew
Spruce wood
Urethane wood finished