Write for the Movement

For the regenerative movers, shakers, and learners, the movement is a database of knowledge on all of the ways that aim to heal the planet and it’s people. As we know, each individual effort is worth more than you can imagine when it comes to fighting for a future. While temperatures rise and “un”natural disasters become the norm across the globe, we are looking to spread ideas and solutions from you, the experts.

For many years our industry has been overlooked, but now more than ever an educational tool is required to provide guidance and hope through written editorials and other media content that highlight resolutions and positive progress. This is a global issue therefore we are looking for groups from around the world to participate, including those with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and identities. Long gone are the days in which we can rely solely on a sustainable course of action, today regeneration is needed more than ever to build back up what has been lost, not just sustain what we have left. This is why we have named our initiative The Movement - regeneration. 

Whether it be on topics pertaining to low-impact fashion, eco home and lifestyle, environmental findings and solutions, clean beauty and aromatherapy, or even a perspective piece, we are looking for articles, podcasts, or any other media content that spreads awareness, and if possible, provides clarity on what to do moving forward. The power of sharing views, opinions, and experiences will encourage regeneration, join us.

Do you have a topic to share? Email us at either kimberley@naturallycanada.com or info@naturallycanada.com as we would love to bring your idea to fruition and pass along relevant information to our readers and followers. 

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