Echo Verde

Echo Verde is an eco and organic clothing line based in Vancouver, Canada. The company manufactures garments for women in natural, eco and organic textiles and believes in ethical business practices, sustainable production, and connecting and forming relationships with retailers and suppliers. What impacts at one end of the line will impact at the other… or “echo” through the chain.
The company was started in 2009 by Jane Nemis. Jane has 22 years experience as a designer/merchandiser and consultant and 10 years experience in designing and producing eco and organic textiles and garments. She continues to work with and support the same contacts and factories developed through her many years of business.
Verde: is Italian for green *
Here at Echo Verde we believe that what we do should have as little impact as possible. With that in mind, we use only textiles that leave a “greener” footprint. While the fashion industry may never be perfect, there are many fibers, dyes and production methods that impact less harmfully on our earth. And, since we only have one of those, we want to take care of it! We aspire to be transparent in our production processes and pass on as much information to our customer as possible.
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