Organic Bamboo Pantie Eve

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Step into the garden of Eden in these silky drawers!  This organic bamboo  pantie by Echo Verde is a fan favorite!    The elastic is wrapped in seams so it is super soft on your skin and NO pantie lines, NO bunching!  Available in  sizes XS-XL and fits true to size.  All our bamboo is 100% certified organic and is made with the super soft extruded viscose method.  Bamboo breathes as a fabric and absorbs and wicks away moisture.  No flashes of heat in your panties -these will keep you looking and feeling cool all day long!   Double lined gusset.

We produce in ethical conditions and pay fair living wages. We do not mark our garments up to high margins as we believe organic should be available to everyone and you, our awesome customer, will purchase more organic  – this in the end will drive up the demand for organic in the marketplace and allow for prices to lower on fabrics over time.

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Our sizing is generous and fits the below body measurements.  Generally we try to achieve the same fits in all our garments but of course some styles will be a bit looser fit and others will be a slim fit.  Check product description for more information.

The  measurements below are an indication of body size – not garment measurements.