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Orange Cinnamon Soap Bar

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Saponified oils: Olive, Coconut, Palm, Organic Local Sunflower, Organic Local Safflower.

Spring water,

Organic Herbs:  Paprika (capsicum annuum) & cinnamon bark powder.

Essential oils: Sweet orange (citrus sinensis) Cinnamon Leaf (cinnamomum zelanicum)

Orange & Cinnamon together create Warmth & Harmony.

Cinnamon Stimulates skin circulation on the cellular level.

Paprika (capsicum annuum) is unusually rich in vitamin C. Much of the vitamin C is retained in the dried paprika powder, which

contains more vitamin C by weight than does lemon juice.  High in antioxidants containing 10% of level found in Acacia berry.

Paprika invigorates & revitalizes the skin.

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