Mineral Tooth Powder- 125 ml
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Mineral Tooth Powder- 125 ml

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Conventional toothpaste is being questioned more and more frequently these days due to it’s use of controversial ingredients. There is much research on the topic of Teeth Demineralization and the results such as decaying teeth and teeth sensitivities. This product helps maintain healthy teeth and can in restoring health to sensitive and decayed teeth. It contains Bentonite Clay; which binds with heavy metals and toxins and draws them out of your teeth. It also kills bacteria, acts as an alkalizer and is full of minerals. It also contains calcium powder, sodium bicarbonate (whitening), cinnamon (antibacterial) and peppermint.There are claims that these ingredients long with the correct diet, can reverse cavities! Tooth powders are hitting natural health scenes everywhere and are gaining great popularity!

Directions for use are: wet brush with water, shake excess water, dip in powder and brush as usual!

For best results, the Remineralizing Tooth Powder should be your primary brushing substance.

*Please see our listing for the Oral Happiness Brushing Blend to experience the best possible results. These two products are an Oral Care Power Duo!