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Stylish mid-length fingerless gloves made from bamboo fabric are sure to keep you smiling as they are soft, comfortable and are great for layering all year long while you live, work and play!

  • *breathable *adsorbent *antimicrobial *hypoallergenic
  • *uv protection *eco-friendly *made in NA *inspirational

what are you waiting for? get your gLOVEs on!

**This item will need to be made to order and can be shipped within 10 days from purchase.

Glove sizing:  Fits small to medium with stretch (measures 16.5cm/6.5 in up to 21.5(8.5 in) around the knuckles)  Top of the glove (between wrist and elbow) measures 19 cm/7.5 in around up to 24 cm/9.5 in.  This will hopefully provide you with a SNUG fit which will conform to your hand after a few wearings. 

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