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Bleu Lavande

CELLO INTENSE KIT; Intense Gel 250ml, Bleu Perfume Soap 165g

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  • Intense Gel 250 ml
  • Blue Perfume soap 165 g

The Cello Intense gift set contains an Intense Gel 250 ml and a Blue Perfume body soap 165 g.

Created from extracts of cypress, juniper, mint and lavender, the Intense Gel can help relieve the discomfort associated with tired legs, muscle pains, varicose veins, tendonitis, arthritis, rheumatism, stiffness in the neck and restless legs syndrome. Massaging with the Intense Gel after a bath or shower can help stimulate the circulation, resulting in a sensation of heat combined with cold – leaving your legs and body feeling great!


Pregnant women should consult a health professional before using this product.

Our signature lavender soap draws from the boundless properties of lavender essential oil. It offers an array of physical and psychological benefits: a guarantee of peace and well-being. You’ll be the first to agree: this antifungal, antibacterial miracle is much more than a simple soap!

Bleu Perfume, a unique soap experience, only from Bleu Lavande. Pure, natural products made from lavender essential oil are the perfect complement to the innocence of childhood. This soap is hypoallergenic, entirely plant-based and made with 70% olive oil.

Lather soap with a little water and rub it on the body for a gentle cleansing.To make the soap last as long as possible, always keep it in a soap dish with drain holes

Massaging with the Intense Gel will increase blood flow and help to relieve pain and muscle discomfort. To optimum effect, massage with lavender essential oil in addition with the intense gel, after taking a bath or shower. To keep its freshness, store the Intense Gel in the fridge.


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