Beeswax Tealights - Sold as a set of 5

  • $6.25

Beeswax Tealights: Tealights look lovely floating in a bowl or flickering in a multi-light stand. Perfect for adding romance and character to any party, or for daydreaming and relaxing on your own. Our tea-lights are made with high temperature paper wicks, fit standard tealight cups and burn 4 hours.

They make excellent gifts and go beautifully with champagne!

Beeswax Facts

It’s inexpensive!
Beeswax, because of its hardness and higher melting point,  burns 4-5 times longer than paraffin, making beeswax candles a cost-effective choice.

It’s safe

Beeswax gives off no harmful chemicals when it burns.


It’s smokeless

Beeswax doesn’t smoke when it burns (although the wick will smoke when you blow out the candle).


It’s renewable and green

Beeswax doesn’t require off-shore drilling, or refining. It’s environmentally safe and always in production.


It’s a natural air purifier

Burning beeswax produces negative ions which bind to particles in the air (such as dust, dander and pollen): the now-heavier particles drop to the floor, leaving the air cleaner than it was before.