Romantic Science Perfumery

So, here we are at the end of a timeless tale. A classic, fairytale finish, sitting on the brink of history looking out. Out onto happy, ever after land. Where we are all princes of princes and princesses of princesses of our own land. The long-term product of the hardest-working, most intelligent, sexy animals Nature ever procured. This could be the cure for your grandparents. Romeo and Juliet. Only 99 cents. At a garage sale near you.

The only language ladies know is poetry. Or so the story goes. Although, a rose picked at the right moment can say way more to the nose. Follow the prose. Anything for my one True Love Justine. She turns me into a terminal flirt. Shirtless in jersey sheets.

She says to me, assuredly, “Vegas is going to be wicked cool in the future.”

Oh my!

Do you see what I see? New stars, rising in the East! Must be supernova season* Each morning I wake up just like this, next to the blossoming goddess of ecstasy. Lying alongside the naked bodice of true Love herself, glowing and holy. I wake her up from her slumber with kisses. She flutters her eyelids open like butterflies. Then we make it. Love, from sun up to sundown. Mouth to mouth. First and foremost. Over and above all else. T’would be completely in vain, and rainy days without this. Horizontally, vertically, up against the wall, on a forty-five degree angle. Lovingly tonguing, fingering, squeezing, pleasing my sweet arch angel. Bending her slender back into it.

Can’t pretend, returning to the eternal climax. Laying back, I strike a match and light a candle to weep for joy. But I’m used to epiphanies happening to me all of the time now.

As we pass hand-in- hand through our play people mansion into our glamorous
bathroom and enjoy the hot, steamy waterfall all of us monkeys call a shower, I gargle
the clear, refreshing fluid in my mouth and sing a song to all that is awesome going on.
Baptized and dried. Anointed with oils and creams, I neck the decadent deity on
her exposed breasts until she gets wet again. Then we dry off and make out all over the
sofa for yet another wonderful eternity. During which time she reveals her secret power
over me, by piquing my curiosity while pinching my nipples. She gets me to help scheme
out these deviously scented inventions meant to make our lives like those of natural

The words she sings give new life to my dying emotions, and suddenly, I’m shade
blind. Like a melody, all I can see are colours and wonder. Rainbows and gold. Unicorns
and ivory. Crimson and clovers. Is this all just a dream, I ask myself, or reality. There
really is no difference, she tells me. This is simply the fairytale way.

No day has ever been like today and we’re going to make the utmost of it. Let’s
go for a stroll, she holds me. Harmony. Arm in arm with my charm girl, she sings to me
sweetly, “Do you hear what I hear?”

“Yes dear. A sterling cheeping to a cooing pigeon. A subtle rustling in the
greenery. Many things.”