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Nourished logo is a natural self-care company with the mission to offer products that promote well-being inside and out.  Nourished was born from the idea that Mother Earth can provide us with everything we need to truly care for ourselves - it's as simple as that.  Grounded in the philosophy that what we put in and on our bodes has a direct impact on our health and well being, Nourished is committed to using organically sourced, nutrient-dense, GMO-free ingredients.  Nourished is committed to providing natural products that positively contribute to people's well-being (live your best life).

My name is Amanda and I'm the founder of Nourished - Natural Self Care.  And, yes, I'm passionate about all natural self care products, but that wasn't always the way it was. Years ago, things looked very different.  I was struggling with different symptoms like poor sleep, skin irritations and digestive issues...and taking various synthetic products & only have the problem re-occur a few months later.  I was stuck in a revolving door and I knew there had to be another way.  Fast forward to the positive pregnancy test that transformed my life!  Carrying my daughter within me brought a new sense of awareness around the impact of using synthetic products on my body.  So I started doing research and creating my own products at home.  Soon family and friends were asking if I could create natural products for them and loving the results, essentially that's how Nourished Self-Care was established.

Nourished Self Care - All Natural self-care products that promote high levels of well-being.

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