Medway Candle

From Bee’s Cove, where the Medway meets the harbour, we’re using artisanal techniques to create beautiful beeswax candles. Our tapers are all painstakingly hand-
dipped, our votives and tea-lights hand poured and finished. The result—elegant
candles with the luxurious sheen, sweet scent, and golden colour of pure beeswax.

Medway Candles are made from 100% Nova Scotia beeswax sourced from beekeepers
as close to home as possible.

Beeswax Candles:

Pure beeswax is the finest wax on earth. Natural, renewable, non-toxic and
hypoallergenic. Beeswax Burns 4-5 times slower than other candle waxes, making it one of life’s affordable luxuries. 

We love beeswax for its natural connection; we also love how it sweetens the air with
the delicate, clean fragrance of warm honey and pollen right from the hive.

We only use 100% Beeswax in our candles. We use all cotton wicks for our tapers and
pillars, and high temperature paper wicks in our tea-lights and votives.

We're proud and delighted to make some of the finest candles on the planet, and we
invite you to enjoy them.

About Beeswax:

Honeybees make beeswax in the course of their work. They sip nectar and collect
resins and pollen, creating honey, propolis and wax for use in hive building, brood
rearing and feeding. The wax is used to build honeycomb, which is strong, yet
light—perfect for storing honey.

Beeswax comes from a spot on the bee’s abdomen, extruding in tiny, uniformly shaped
cakes, which the bee chews to soften and connect to the growing honeycomb.
When honey is collected from the hive, the sealed honeycomb is opened by using a
warm knife to melt and scrape off the top coat of wax. The honey is whirled from the
comb in a centrifuge and the wax comb is either returned to the hive to be reused by the
bees, or is melted into cakes and used for candles, furniture waxes, or cosmetics.

Beeswax comes in colors ranging from nearly white to pale gold, to brown. The color in
beeswax comes from the nectars and pollens brought in by the bees; beeswax tends to
darken as it ages.

Safe. Renewable. Green. Healthy.

Unlike paraffin, beeswax gives off no harmful chemicals or smoke when it burns.

Unlike paraffin, beeswax doesn’t require off-shore drilling, or refining. It’s
environmentally safe and always in production.

Beeswax is a natural air purifier. Burning beeswax produces negative ions which bind to
particles in the air (such as dust, dander and pollen): the now-heavier particles drop to
the floor, leaving the air cleaner than it was before.


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