KNICKLE'S Studio & Gallery

Knickle’s Studio was founded in 1921, in Lunenburg , Nova Scotia by photographer John Knickle of Lunenburg and surrounding area are known for its ship building expertise, especially the pride of Nova Scotia the Bluenose. John Knickle and his camera captured many of the ships built in this era of time.

From the construction, launch and trial runs the Knickle's negatives capture the history of shipbuilding. However his art of photography was not limited to ships. There are many wonderful photos of the surrounding area in the collection.

John Knickle and his wife Florence operated the studio on Lincoln Street in Lunenburg until 1965 when it was sold with its inventory of historic negatives to Wilford L. Eisnor. In 1999 the studio and negatives were sold to current owner John Kingwell, who continues to grow the collection through his own photographic skills as well as by acquiring historic negatives representative of the mandate established by John Knickle so many years ago.

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