About Us

Naturally Canada Marketplace & eco.spirit Emporium 

Welcome to Naturally Canada & eco.spirit, our new Brick & Click union focusing on Canadian made products through sustainable fibres and fair-trade efforts. You may already be familiar with our online shop, and if not, welcome!

We have brought the best of both worlds together with eco.spirit, our brick and mortar store located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. This new Brick & Click union will offer seamless web and in-store shopping, shipping available world-wide. Our goal is to encourage slow fashion; a wardrobe full of great quality, comfortable, yet stylish pieces that will last a lifetime rather than a closet of synthetic materials that will end up in landfills after a short life span. 

We know where our clothing comes from; do you? 

Kimberley Milette 

Kimberley Milette, founder of Naturally Canada Marketplace and co-owner of eco.spirit,  has found her niche in the fashion industry almost 20 years ago. She has spent her time focusing on buying for large scale companies, interior decorating and sales & marketing. 

Kimberley’s passion for fashion is about more than just helping people with their personal style; she loves working with different fabrics, creating new designs and collecting vintage pieces. A retired professional ballet dancer, Kimberley integrates her experience with people on and off the stage, as well as her developed sense of self, rhythm and awareness into her art and love for fashion and textiles.

Outside of the textile world, Kimberley continues to advocate for sustainable lifestyles while fitting in time to garden, read, practice yoga and spending time with her close friends and family. 


Samara Meade

Samara likes: 

The feeling of finding out she’s going to explore a country she hasn’t been before and that "aahhh" feeling that never goes away when it finally happens, like a kid seeing a candy store for the first time. 

Spending time growing (eating) veggies. 

Jumping into any warm ocean from any platform/boat/rock/cliff. 

Travel, live, explore, create and more than anything, love. 

Samara learned about the fast fashion industry and how detrimental it is to us and our planet when she watched a documentary featuring the Bangladesh Savar building factory collapse of 2013. She has since been advocating for sustainable life styles.

Greg Conyngham

Greg originally practised architecture and design in Massachusetts before forming Integrated CADD Services that combined his love of design with his passion for architectural technologies such as 3D modelling, rendering and visualization. For almost 25 years ICS has provided sales and training in these technologies and since 1997 has operated an online store, CAD Garage, that sells these technologies from sources in 10 different countries to the US market. At Naturally Canada Greg will bring the above knowledge and experience in implementing a Marketing strategy as well as technological implementation of the web store.

To contact us, email ecospirit3@gmail.com., sales@naturallycanada.com or kimberley@naturallycanada.com