About Us

Welcome to Naturally Canada

Naturally Canada Marketplace, the birthplace of the first Canadian Online Market of eco-designers, natural products, fair trade; designed, manufactured or made Canada-wide.

The co-founders of Naturally Canada Marketplace recognized that there is an increasing number of consumers seeking naturally based Clothing, Accessories, Household Items and Aromatherapy Health/Beauty aids.

Creating a unique e-commerce marketplace, Kimberley and Greg embarked on a journey to build a special site where consumers can explore, learn about, and shop “Made in Canada” goods from a multiple of suppliers - all within one website.

Spectrum of Goods

Naturally Canada Marketplace offers a wide spectrum of goods in the areas of Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry, Aromatherapy Products, Small Home Decor and Household items.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality products at competitive prices from Suppliers/Partners that believe in a Natural Lifestyles platform. We thrive to make this Marketplace a creative and inspiring site to explore eco-friendly, organic and healthy items that are proudly made in Canada.

Proudly Made in Canada

The aboriginal word for Canada is “Kanata” which means settlement or to gather and settle. Naturally Canada is a village, a settlement if you will, of all Natural goods. We consider our Marketplace to be a “Big Village” of like-minded people that are all mindful of our environment.

We Welcome Merchants

At Naturally Canada we will be adding new Vendors ongoing...check back with us often for wonderful new finds and treasures.  We welcome Supplier’s/Partners to contact us and become part of our family of vendor's to showcase your quality eco-friendly, naturally-based products, artwork and more.  Together we will create your store within our website and build a one-stop-shop to inspire and educate consumers about your products.  


Kimberley Milette

Kimberley has proven Sales /Sales Management/Marketing skills with well over 15 years of experience. With many years of Interior Decorating and Buying skills in the areas of Fashion and Furniture, Kimberley’s passion for creating a stylized Marketplace of current trends in the Natural Lifestyles field will be a current and exciting place to shop. Her strong belief in maintaining a solid customer base and nurturing this will be ever present in Naturally Canada. As Creative Director for Kim’s Emporium she has developed a loyal following and strives to keep her customers/buyers in the now by blogging and keeping current trends forefront.

To contact Kimberley, email: Kimberley@NaturallyCanada.com

Greg Conyngham

Greg originally practised architecture and design in Massachusetts before forming Integrated CADD Services that combined his love of design with his passion for architectural technologies such as 3D modelling, rendering and visualization. For almost 25 years ICS has provided sales and training in these technologies and since 1997 has operated an online store, CAD Garage, that sells these technologies from sources in 10 different countries to the US market. At Naturally Canada Greg will bring the above knowledge and experience in implementing a Marketing strategy as well as technological implementation of the web store.

To contact Greg, email: Greg@NaturallyCanada.com

Naturally Canada Marketplace
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