Suzie Blue Jewelry

After more than twenty years of travelling throughout Asia and Indochina, buying antiques and jewellery, I started to work with local artisans, who hand-crafted my original designs, bringing them to life.

Fantastic shells, in a bewildering array of shapes and sizes, are combined with steel, leather and brass, bringing a new dimension to amazingly well priced fashion jewellery.

This essential cooperation between my imagination and the generations of skilled craftsmen who interpret my designs, allow me to continue to constantly set new horizons in this exciting journey.

My close relationship with all my makers allows me the privilege of working with true friends and long before any concept of ''Fair Trade'' I was fortunate to be dealing directly with the makers, helping to fund materials and paying immediately at the full local price.

Today Suzie Blue has without a doubt the largest collection of beautiful, handmade jewellery available anywhere in Europe.