Message Factory FW 2017/18


Message factory home of the free spirits!!!

At Message Factory, we are convinced that if we were to pool all of our special talents - together we can save the world! Our purpose is to convince you to be a part of it.

This message is delivered through joyful organic and recycled garments that we make locally in Montreal. (Canada)

Launched in 2005 by Julie Rochefort , Message Factory has thrived on "doing well" while "doing good". Message Factory's philosophy rests on the respect for the environment and the community. Production is kept at home in Quebec, Canada, to create and maintain employment. The label stands for stylish and ethical correct clothing and uses recycled or organic materials. Message Factory's mission is to create ethical products with cool messages that will encourage people to enjoy life, slow down and appreciate the world.

  • we are a community of people who believe in humanity
  • we believe in the power of achievement in the interest of collectivity
  • we believe in a better world and we take responsibility to make it happen
  • we believe that every human being as a first role to play to assure humanity a no ending story...
  • we believe in the power of love and mutual support.
  • The earth is dying a little each time one of earth's people give up on a dream...
  • we are a community of people with hope, who believe, who will never give up!


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