Masha Apparel Children

Masha Apparel makes hand-dyed clothing for ladies, gents and kiddos! We use only the softest fabrics available such as bamboo, rayon or organic cotton. Everything is hand-made in our Toronto studio and sourced locally.

Our process includes dyeing each piece by hand, in numerous dye washes to achieve a unique, one of a kind look which cannot be replicated. All our dyes are gentle on the environment, and on our bodies. We do not use any harsh chemicals or toxins. We also focus on small dye baths to reduce our water waste. Fabric scraps are either recycled into thin scarves or headbands, and whatever cannot be re-used by us is donated to those who can make great use of it such as daycares or textiles/mixed media artists.

The fabrics we select are eco-fabrics. Organic cotton has a smaller growth footprint and low pesticide use when compared to conventional cotton, and bamboo is a fast growing and hardy plant. Both fabrics are also some of the softest, and most comfortable to wear. Our line of clothing is perfect for those with sensitive skin (such as allergies, eczema or rosacea) or undergoing treatments which burn or destroy the skin surface.

If you have any questions regarding our process or the fabrics we use and if they will be comfortable for you to wear, please don't hesitate to ask for a sample or more information.

We put a lot of care and effort into each item. So please take care of it as well - everything is machine washable on a gentle cycle (cool water), and should be hung to dry.