GYMMY - The multi-purpose health and athletic device.

To put it simply, the one and only GYMMY is a small yet forceful multi-purpose device; In yoga and pilates as a foot and head rest, for example. It is also used as an aid to the elderly who have problems with their joints while laying down by placing it under the knees to relieve discomfort and back pain. It is also the perfect travel buddy as a footrest and/or pillow. It makes for a great cuddle buddy for kids and adults alike when getting a bit of R&R.  It's soft touch comes from microfibre with a removable, washable cover. 

Made in Germany


Measures: 28.5 x 28.5 x 18.5 cm

Weight: 500 grams

Foam Density: 30

Coating: 100% Microfiber from Polyester, washable, hygenic