What Can You Do To Help?

What Can You Do To Help? | Naturally Canada

As we integrate this new mission into our website, we hope you can bear with us as we grow The Movement.
As we come across reputable information, and think of ways to better our environment, and the world, we will post here.

But here’s a taste to get you started.

Let’s just start by making small changes.

The idea that small changes make little difference is really a sad belief, that is not realistic.
small changes can make big impacts.
Something as simple, as changing your dish soap, for example, is truly making a difference, every. single. time you wash your dishes; solely based on the fact that you made one conscious decision.
Small changes. small. changes. a small change is sustainable, something that is easier to repeat.

Dish soap is something most people have one bottle of at home, but clothing, is something most people have double-digits of.
Simply put, the fashion industry causes a lot of damage to our soil, our oceans, and our air. But you already knew that. 

Focusing your fashion choices on easily renewable fabrics, and targeting companies and brands that support natural dyes, will make a very big difference, maybe bigger than you previously thought. 

Realistically, consumers (YOU) actually have the most power. Stop creating a demand for synthetic junk, and instead show the big guys that we WANT to be sustainable, and want sustainable clothing, simply by consuming sustainably.
If no one is buying synthetic, there won’t be a market for it, and it will dilute the industry until we’re left with products that only fully support our environment.

I’m certainly not telling you to go throw out your entire wardrobe, because that would be counter-intuitive. Filling up landfills won’t solve anything.
I’m also not saying to never wear synthetic fabrics ever again (surprised?) that wouldn’t solve the problem either!
Support second hand, get your synthetic stuff from a thrift shop.

Synthetic fabrics ARE a problem, we need to stop PRODUCING them; BUT we also need to make good choices with all the synthetic nonsense thats been created already, and supporting second hand stores is a great way to do this. If we just went and threw all the synthetic creations into a landfill, we’d have a whole other problem.

Donate your clothing when you are done with it, even if you think it’s something someone won’t want; One man’s garbage is indeed another man’s gold! You would be surprised what another human would appreciate, or could upcycle.
which brings us to our next point:
If one of your synthetic pieces gets ripped or stained and is no longer usable as a clothing item: try to repurpose it, or seek out brands that recycle damaged clothing into new creations! Like cinch-bags, or fabric gift wrap. (We will be seeking out these brands as well, and will be posting them in The Movement as we find them)  If you’re just not in the mood to seek them out, donate the item to a local second-hand store anyways, they just might have solutions in place for these damaged items. Why not inquire? Maybe it is something they never even thought of doing.

Actions are contagious.
Not only will doing something good for the environment, feel good. But that feel-good feeling, feels good! And it becomes addictive.
(The same goes for being kind).
And when other people see people doing good things, it tends to make them feel good, and they want to do good.
And in all of this, maybe one person sees the small change you’re making when you reach for an earth healthy dish soap, and they grab a bottle too.  
Now a small change, isn’t so little at all; in fact, it just doubled.
and thats just the beginning.

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