Tree Planting in the Maritimes

Tree Planting in the Maritimes | Naturally Canada
Starting January 2021, We will be making our donations, a little closer to home: right here in the Maritimes. Everything stays the same, every purchase made on Naturally Canada will still donate towards planting trees, but we will now be supporting the projects closer to home, staying within Canada from now on, starting with New Brunswick. 

"The Whaelghinbran forest falls within the UNESCO designated Fundy Biosphere Reserve and is situated within a critical wildlife corridor connecting Fundy National Park with New Brunswick's interior. The surrounding Acadian Forest is one of the most ecologically diverse forest types in Canada, as well as one of the most endangered. With a moist climate and a historically very low risk of fire, it is ideal for storing carbon and a prime region for focusing climate change resilience efforts. The Acadian Forest is recognized by the World Wildlife Fund as “critically endangered,” the highest risk category for extinction. Less than 5 percent of the Acadian Forest remains in pre-colonial condition. Whaelghinbran's 700+ acres of mature forest will insulate this newly reforested site from many of the vulnerabilities plantations experience when isolated from healthy forest sites."  - One Tree Planted. 

Thanks for supporting Canadian business, and Canadian forests + wildlife!

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