Introducing Nourished Natural Self Care - Magnesium Oil based Products.

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Very excited to share with you our new Vendor, Nourished Natural Self Care....Magnesium Body Spray, Re-mineralizing Tooth Powder, Magnesium Shea Body Butter....please take a moment to read about the incredible and hugely popular benefits of Magnesium for our skin...this is perhaps the most beneficial health aid product on the market right now (globally)!!!

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It's no secret that most North American's are deficient in Magnesium. Magnesium taken orally isn't wholly absorbed as it has t compete with other things in our digestive system and we are living lives that are constantly depleting our Magnesium levels (caffeine, stress, alcohol, lack of sleep). It can take over a year for oral supplementation to be effective. Applying topically can offer much faster, fuller results. A basic list of issues benefited from by applying Magnesium transdermally includes:

-Muscle Cramps and Chronic Pain
-Muscle Spasms and Facial Tics
-Anxiety or Hyperactivity
-Sleep Problems
-Digestive Problems (Constipation)
-Blood Pressure

Calcium Deficiency (Calcium needs sufficient magnesium to work!)
Some of the benefits of transdermal medicine include being able to apply directly to the troubled area (sore muscles, arthritis) for faster effect. Also, avoiding our digestive tract means that the Magnesium is delivered directly into our tissues and blood stream. Dr. Mecola makes an interesting point in saying "If you've recently had a blood test, you might assume it would show a magnesium deficiency. But only 1 percent of magnesium in your body is distributed in your blood..."
"Most Magnesium is stored in your bones and organs, where it is used for many biological functions. Yet, it's quite possible to be deficient and not know it, which is why magnesium deficiency has been dubbed the "invisible deficiency."

Nourished products use only 100% Magnesium Chloride which is the most bio-available type of Magnesium, meaning your body knows how to make better use of it. This results in faster, fuller results.

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